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Forex Robot Attractor is a highly efficient Algorithmic Currency Trading Robot in the Forex market with a high profit factor.
Forex Robot Attractor belongs to expert advisors - scalpers. This forex robot uses a system of high-precision signals in its trading, which distinguishes this robot as a high-precision forex scalper with a high percentage of winning trades. Also, this Trading Robot has a fairly low drawdown, which, in combination with the built-in stop loss, makes it possible to smoothly build up the balance with minimal risks.

Trading Strategy

The main trading strategy of the Forex Trading Robot is scalping. Scalping or scalping is a trading style characterized by a high frequency of transactions, a short position holding time, a relatively small position volume and a Take Profit size. 
When searching for points of entry into the market, the robot is guided by a system of signals and indications of specially developed proprietary indicators, which are filtered using an artificial intelligence algorithm.
A trading robot can function absolutely normally on any timeframe, but we recommend the M5 timeframe as the most effective.

Forex Robot Attractor Advantages:

High win rate.
Low Risk.
Excellent support. 
Created by professionals.
Shows excellent consistency over different market conditions.
Takes multiple trades each day.
Delivers consistent forex investment returns fully automatically.
It is ready to use straight out of the box with the default settings although you may wish to adjust the risk. 
All the main parameters of the forex robot are optimized and completely ready for use.

Forex Robot Attractor Performance:

According to the testing results, the Forex Robot has an average drawdown of around 13%. Percentage of winning trades: 80% of the total number of trades.

Forex Robot Attractor

Forex Robot Attractor.

Forex Robot Attractor

Forex Robot Attractor Backtest Results.

Forex Robot Attractor

Forex Robot Attractor Performance Report.

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