Online Stock Predictor

Online Stock Predictor

Online Stock Predictor is a highly accurate indicator of stock price movement, trend direction forecast and trend reversal point predictor. The indicator perfectly predicts the trend of stocks, futures, indices. Generates buy / sell signals in real time.
Due to the fact that the indicator predicts the continuation of the trend direction, the indicator helps the trader to extract the maximum profit from each trading position, not exit the position ahead of time, if when the trend is going in a direction favorable to the trader.
The indicator uses the buy and sell arrows to signal the best times to enter (open) a trading position. And also, due to signals (inclined arrows), it indicates the moments of exiting positions with the maximum profit for the trader.

How the Online Stock Predictor indicator works

An indicator developed by group of professional programmers, mathematicians and traders. The Online Stock Predictor indicator implements the most efficient algorithms for predicting the movement of stock prices.
Also, this indicator differs in high accuracy from other stock indicators due to the fact that it implements an innovative algorithm for smart filtering signals. Due to this, a high predictive accuracy of the indicator is achieved for the stock market, indices and futures, and the percentage of false signals is reduced to a statistical minimum.

The screenshot below shows the signals of the Online Stock Predictor indicator for predicting the trend and pivot points of the price and trend of the NASDAQ index.

Online Stock Predictor
Online Stock Predictor

Online Stock Predictor features

▶️ Very accurately predicts the reversal points of the stock trend.
▶️ Forecasts the direction of movement of the trend of stocks, indices with high accuracy.
▶️ It works equally well for all time frames: for intraday and between days, as well as weekly and monthly timeframes.
▶️ The stock price prediction indicator works on the Metatrader 5 platform.
▶️ The Online Stock Prediction indicator can be the basis of an independent trading system, and can also supplement and strengthen any trading system, increase its efficiency to the maximum.
▶️ The stock prediction indicator will help you noticeably acсelerate the gain of your capital while trading.
▶️ Can predict multiply stocks simultaneously.
▶️ Equally accurately predicts the movement of prices and trends of stocks for different timeframes, in the short-term and long-term.

Web-based version. After payment is made you will receive login details and login page link. Free technical support via Email, Skype and Teamviewer.