Forex Visual Robot EA

Forex Visual Robot EA

Forex Visual Robot EA - Forex Trader's must have trading tool!
The purpose of Forex Visual Robot expert adviser is to execute trades based on some chart objects:
trend lines, horizontal lines or equidistant channels.
The main advantage of Forex Visual Robot expert adviser is its ability to set
and adjust orders according to a range of graphical objects placed on the Forex chart,
including objects with slope. This allows easy trade execution for
such popular patterns as triangles (ascending, descending and symmetrical),
channels, flags, pennants, rectangles, head-and-shoulders, double tops/bottoms, etc.
There is a range of input parameters to regulate the work of this expert adviser,
but it can start functioning immediately after you attach it to the chart and add the
properly named chart objects. The chart objects may be moved freely then.
The expert adviser will continue detecting their position and will adjust order's parameters accordingly.

Forex Robot

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