Forex Price Action Robot EA

Forex How Price Action Robot Works

A robot for automatic currency trading in the Forex market. Based on the Price Action strategy. Price Action is the king of the Forex technical world. It offers traders the knowledge they need to enhance any technical strategy and improve their forecasting ability. Price action involves the analytical study of historical price movement and the use of this knowledge to find recurring patterns in order to predict future price movement in the future. Basically, we look at the history of the price chart to see what happened “earlier” in order to recognize and investigate predictable, repetitive patterns. We expect these predictable patterns to reappear in live markets, so we can predict where the market is likely to move next - this is the basis for a price trading signal.
The technical analysis that underlies the Robot's trading strategy involves observing historical patterns and placing trades that suggest that the patterns will repeat themselves in a similar manner. The basic assumption is that history repeats itself.

Forex Price Action Robot Features

✅ Has stop-loss deposit protection,
✅ Trades profitably on high volatile and flat market,
✅ Low risk strategy,
✅ Has take-profit,
✅ Suitable for professional traders and newbies,
✅ Trades all major currency pairs include:

Forex Robot

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